Christopher M. Oben
Christopher M. Oben - Cinematographer


Cinematography is so much about instinct and intuition - you want the same range of experience going into behind the camera as what you see in front of it. Your life experience will come through the lens.
— Rachel Morrison

Awards -
1996 VCAMMA Best Commercial -"Maple Leaf Air"
2018 Leo award nominee - Best Cinematography in Youth Series

Professional associations -

IATSE 669 ( 2000)

Canadian Society of Cinematographers Assoc. Member (2000)

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As director of photography, Chris understands the concept of ‘confidence and command’. He embraces the role of leader of the camera department bringing over 25 years of hands on experience to set. Chris has that all-in attitude and lives for the adrenaline of landing the perfect shot or capturing a transcendent moment. Chris has been recognized with many industry accolades including awards back as far as the 1996 VCAMMA award for best commercial spot and as recently as the 2018 Leo awards with a nomination for best cinematography for a youth or children series. Along the way Chris has led crews of every size from a two person docu team for Discovery Channel to the 50 person second unit of Disney’s Tron: Legacy 3D. Above all Chris understands the importance of the DP’s relationship with the director and the director’s vision of the project. It is Chris’ fierce defence of this relationship that keeps him in demand.